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Aaron Cheak


Aaron Cheak, PhD

Dr. Cheak is a scholar of comparative religion, philosophy, and esotericism. Straddling the interstices between integral and Hermetic philosophy, he received his doctorate in 2011 for his thesis on René Schwaller de Lubicz, and served as president of the international Jean Gebser Society from 2013–2015. He has appeared in both academic and esoteric publications, including Light Broken through the Prism of Life (2011), Occult Traditions (2012), Alchemical Traditions (2013), Clavis (2014), The Quest for Gnosis (2014), Diaphany (2015), Heretic (2015), Octagon (2016), Lux in Tenebris (2017) and The Leaf of Immortality (2017). As a translator of French, German, and Greek, he is also bringing a number of important projects to fruition through Rubedo Press. He currently lives on the west coast of New Zealand, where he maintains an active interest in tea, wine, poetry, typography, and alchemy.