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The Imaginarium

The Imaginarium

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features talismans, tinctures, and tomes
created by Auckland-based artists, Kimihana Whalen & Dr. Aaron Cheak.


DREAMING MYSTIC (Kimihana Whalen)
specialises in handmade crystal and planetary talismans
charged with purpose and blessed in the sacred waterfalls of Karekare.

RUBEDO PRESS (Dr. Aaron Cheak) publishes classical and contemporary texts animated by the Hermetic fires.

ARS HIERATICA produces botanical extracts using alchemical techniques together with astrological timing to harness planetary energy.


Kimihana Whalen is an empath, Reiki practitioner, metalsmith, and crystal healer. She creates personalised talismans filled with nurturing power and spirit to assist you on your journey of healing and service to this Earth.

Aaron Cheak, PhD, is a scholar of comparative religion, philosophy, and esotericism. His work has appeared in a range of academic and esoteric publications, including Alchemical Traditions (2013), Clavis (2014), Diaphany (2015), Lux in Tenebris (2016), and The Leaf of Immortality (2017). He presently runs Rubedo Press from the rugged west coast of New Zealand, where he maintains an active interest in practical alchemy and talismanic astrology.