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A Uniquely Lucid Masterwork of French Hermetic Philosophy


AFTER MUCH TIME IN THE FIRES OF PURIFICATION, Rubedo Press is pleased to announce the release of the Hermetic Recreations. Translated into English for the very first time, the Hermetic Recreations is a uniquely lucid masterwork of French Hermetic philosophy. Set down in an anonymous hand at the turn of the Nineteenth Century, it provides critical insights into the operative arts of the western alchemical tradition. Illuminating both the traditional mediæval practices of which it was the inheritor, and those of the Parisian alchemical revival that would succeed it, this rare text forms an influential bridge between two pivotal alchemical epochs.

Published in a limited edition of 222 hardbound copies, this handsome volume features the original French text alongside a facing-page English translation, together with critical annotations and commentary by Christer Böke, John Koopmans, Prince Stash Klossowski de Rola, and Dr. Aaron Cheak.

Life, such as we wish to consider it, is but a struggle between two substances, or a continual exchange of light and darkness. One of these substances alternatively takes the place of the other, sometimes taking the male function and sometimes the female. And in a manner pleasing to the divine author, everything either changes into a pure light, or returns to the Cimmerian darkness, which shows that light and darkness are but one and the same thing, changing in form and value by the expansion or contraction of the substance.

—The Hermetic Recreations—

Bound in bordeaux linen with teal endpapers, and featuring a foil-stamped Hermetic insignium designed by New Zealand artist, Bronté Byrd Williams, the hardback edition is available exclusively through Rubedo Press. (Once our print run is sold out, a paperback edition will be made available through our broader distribution networks).


Grab yourself a coffee, and order your copy today.



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