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The Hermit: Enlightenment from the Gutter

The Hermit: Enlightenment from the Gutter


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With my eyes closed and the sun beating through my eyelids, the red glow of sunlight fell like love upon me and filled me from head to toe with spectral warmth that  perhaps only the womb had given me before. A plural telepathic voice, quiet and feminine, spoke to me:

“Gabriel, we told you to come to the wilderness and gave you this hunger so that you would come. If we had not given you the call and the hunger, you would not have ever gotten where you want to be, where you are destined to be. Do you understand?”

“Gabriel D Roberts is a writer to watch”

THE HERMIT is a tale of enlightenment from the gutter, of a man being torn apart by his own personal revolution. In the spirit of Jack Keroac’s On the Road and Hunter S. Thompson’s The Rum Diary, THE HERMIT is a harrowing journey into living magic—the search for the divine through the crucible of raw existence. From the Humboldt Hills to the Badlands of the Dakotas, Gabriel D. Roberts charts the treacherous pathways between homelessness, heartbreak, and heroism.

“Roberts spiritually disembowels himself in The Hermit
to remind us what living with guts looks like”.
Reality Sandwich

Shocking, yet funny; the deepest truths in a fart joke”.