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Associate Professor Dr. Shannon Grimes is Department Head in Religious and Ethical Studies at Meredith College, North Carolina. Recipient of the Pauline Davis Perry Award for Excellence in Teaching (2009), she teaches early Christianity, world religions, philosophy, and environmental ethics. Her research interests include religion and philosophy in the Græco-Roman period; religious views of nature and cosmos; and the intersections of science, magic, and religion. Her current research focuses on alchemy and astronomy in antiquity and how these sciences have sparked the religious imagination.

Shannon Grimes, PhD

Dr. Shannon Grimes (PhD, Syracuse University) is a scholar of religion and philosophy in the Greco-Roman era, with a particular emphasis on Gnostic, Hermetic, and Platonic traditions­—the so-called roots of western esotericism. Her publications have focused on alchemy and cultural astronomy in the Roman period, while her research and teaching explores religious views of nature and the cosmos, passions which stem from her own wonderment at the natural world.

Since 2006, Professor Grimes has taught at Meredith College, a women’s university in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she is currently head of the Department of Religious and Ethical Studies. She teaches courses in world religions, early Christianity, philosophy, and environmental ethics, and has had the pleasure of leading several study abroad programs in Iceland and Italy.

Shannon Grimes is the author of Volume One of the Panopolis Series: Becoming Gold: Zosimos of Panopolis and the Alchemical Arts in Roman Egypt, now available for pre-order through Rubedo Press.